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Technology in our industry is taking our plants to new heights, quite literally! As cities build up, so do our plants! 

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Why U.S. Plants for your Living Wall, Green Wall, or Plant Wall Needs?

All Plant Wall Systems are not Created Equally! U.S. Plants Team is  certified in 15 different plant wall systems.

Plant Wall Systems GSKY Installed at USDA HQ in Washington DC

Ever been on Independance Ave in Washignton D.C?

You wouldnt know it but right under your feet is this georgous 16' Plant Wall System.  As the Department of Argicultural crosses under Independance Ave they get a LUSH green view welcoming them to their Headquarters. This is 1 of 4 sytems in their headquters in Washington DC. 

Design and Implimentation: 

A system that would thrive in low light, have low maintenance requirements AND that spelled out USDA. If you look closely U.S. Plants Team was able to use Aglonema Emerald Beauties to spell out USDA. Pretty cool!

Plant Wall Maintenance Washington DC

U.S. Plants is the premier interior plantscape company for George Washington University.  With weekly care and diagnositcs our team has distinguished itself through premier services, and advanced maintenance practices!

Two Story Plant Wall. Living Wall Washington DC Virginia Maryland Irrigation Diagnositcs, Weekly Cleaning, and Preventative Maintenance is at the core of our business. We keep you looking on top of industry standards!

2.  Each systems has its unique features and qualities... Meaning every system has pros and cons.

U.S. Plants staff works closely with national and international architets advising on different systems. We asses YOUR needs and desires to fit the plant wall system that is best suited for you!

Plant Wall, Living Wall, Green Wall, Plants On the Wall. Reston Virginia, Chantilly Virginia, Alexandria Virginia,

U.S. Plants Delivers Award Winning Design for Rustic Living Wall 

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Plant Wall Specifics 

Plant walls allow you to have hundreds of plants in your space, with a minimal spatial footprint. Many of the systems we use require minimal maintenance, and can be serviced weekly to monthly depending on the system.

Interior Lighting Options

Have a dark room builidng or office that needs some life with little to no natural light? GREAT ! WE have lighting systems avaliable to feed your plant wall source some good old Vitamen D to keep it happy and healthy!

Lighting Option OneLighting Option One

Lighting Option TwoLightening Option Two


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