Biophilic Design is an innovative way of designing the places where we live, work, and learn.


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"Our passion is plants, our pride is family."

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Interior Plantscaping, Greenspaces

The Future is Green Environments

"Green buildings are the future. The more buildings we create, the less space Mother Nature has."

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U.S. Plants wholesale all of our plants from select growers in Florida, California, and Hawaii. All are greenhouse grown to acclimate properly to your interior environment. We are the plant experts. We know which plants, will thrive where. Low light? Not a problem, we have you covered.

At U.S. Plants we are a team of horticulturists. Plain and simple, we love our clients, and we love our jobs and most importantly, we love our plants.

"Creating lush green designs is a complete necessity in todays day and age. With massive connectivity to technology we need more connectivity to nature"

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At U.S. Plants we are a team of horticulturists. Plain and simple, we love our clients, we love our careers, and most importantly, we love our plants.U.S. Plants Green Dream Team

Interior Design

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Interior Plantscaping, Greenspaces

Interior Plantscaping Washington DC

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Biophilic Design

Biophilic Design is an innovative way of designing the places where we live, work, and learn. People of this planet desire nature in a deep and fundamental fashion, yet we have often designed our cities and suburbs in ways that both degrade the environment and alienate us from nature. The recent trend in green architecture has decreased the environmental impact of the built environment, but it has accomplished little in the way of reconnecting us to the natural world, the missing piece in the puzzle of sustainable development.


Biophilic Design Consultation is generally conducted within 5 business days. We carefully listen to your design wants and needs, create a design that satisfies both, and suggest plants and containers that accent the interior space. The dream is yours, we just make it real.

Plant Specifications

Proper plants for proper spaces. Will it flourish? With hundreds of variables to consider, we take great care in choosing plants that both accent the interior décor and flourish as well.


Is your office blasted by the sun all day? Does your office have no windows but fluorescent lighting? Are you in the basement with no light at all? We provide the right plants for the right light, and can also add supplemental lighting where there is none!

Weekly Maintenance

Contrary to popular belief, plants cannot fend for themselves indoors. U.S. Plant Maintenance Agreement covers you from A to Z on your interior and exterior plant needs. We service and guarantee all of your plants while under our care, replacing any that fall below our standards of excellence.

Our Maintenance Agreement Covers:

1. Weekly visits within your hours of operation, inspecting all interior plants or exterior plants.
2. Maintain proper moisture levels depending on species.
3. Ensure cleanliness of both plants and containers.
4. Trim and rotate plants to ensure healthy growth and maintain spatial aesthetics.
5. Prevent pests with proper care and treatment when necessary.
6. Fertilize plants based on individual needs.
7. FREE replacements for plants under our Agreement

Florals and Silks

“Just living is not enough…one must have sunshine, freedom, and a little flower.” 
-Hans Christian Andersen

Who doesn’t enjoy getting fresh flowers each week? Our Holiday décor specialists moonlight as floral artists, creating beautiful bouquets of living and artificial flowers and foliage. The sun may not reach your office, but we can still make it green! 

Research shows that adding plants to an office is not only beautiful, it is essential to a happy and successful work environment. Connecting Enriched Green Environments has a return on investment that may surprise you! Learn How Here:


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