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Francie Monroe, President

Francie Monroe, President

  • 25 Years as President
  • I oversee all operations of U.S. Plants Inc. Ensure all lines of business are running properly and efficiently.

"Hi, I'm Francie, and I love what I do. I'm a mother, a business owner, and I have been creating enriched green environments for over 25 years now. My promise to you is to make your home, your office, or your place of business, as healthy and green as possible. I will guarantee honest pricing, quality service, and friendly employees. Have a blessed day."

Marc Monroe

Marc Monroe, Vice President, Chief Financial Advisor

  • 25 Years as Vice President
  • I oversee all financial reports of U.S. Plants Inc., set budgets for expansion, new products, and innovation

"Hello, I'm Marc, My wife Francie and I built this business from the "roots" up. Today I can offer you the quality service in our industry at a guaranteed great price. For 26 years now, I have been a plant expert and enthusiast. With modern-day pollution, machinery, and chemical facilities, Interior and Exterior plants are the only way for us to keep healthy and keep our air clean!"

Marc Stephen Monroe

Marc Stephen Monroe II, Operations Manager/ Sales Department

  • Responsible for maintaining U.S. Plants Inc.'s core values and customer satisfaction. I oversee all of U.S. Plants Inc.'s marketing and sales functions as well as day-to-day operations of the business.

"Hello, my name is Marc though I look young I assure you I am no stranger to the business. My childhood consisted of maintaining and watering tropical plants. My love for the business has grown as I have into a young adult. I am a health nut, and I compete in full distance Ironman Competitions. My passions for health, exercise, and a greener tomorrow are embedded into my core. As a family-appointed General manager, I uphold my position with Managerial Leadership and Facilitating skills. It is my goal to provide superior service while concentrating on business expansion. Hope to meet you soon!"

Megan Ross

Megan, Cat Enthusiast, Plant Lover, Save the Dolphins Advocate!

"Hi, I am Megan Ross, formerly a Monroe! I lived in New Zealand for seven years, where I met my husband, Chris. We have now officially moved back to the United States and are working with the Family Business! I am deeply passionate about creating enriched green environments. I specialize in interior design, quotes, and proposals, and I look forward to meeting you soon!"

Ryleigh Bosque

Ryleigh Bosque

"Hi, I am Ryleigh; Tech Guru and Plant Nerd! I am a U.S. Plants Certified Horticultural Technician specializing in maintenance, inspections, installs, and quality control! I am passionate about living plant walls. I research plant wall trends, new design patterns, and manufacture systems. I love plants! As well as my job here with U.S. Plants Inc, I hope to meet you soon!"

Jeremy Gordon Batterson

Jeremy Gordon Batterson, Accounts Manager/ Sales/ Hype-man


  • Grow business relationships with clients and vendors
  • Conduct sales visits/Draft service proposals
  • Product installation and maintenance
  • Manage account logistics/schedules

"I am a former U.S. Navy, as such communication is terribly important to me. U.S. Plants is family owned and operated, and there is no tighter bond than family. Naturally, I enjoy a nice sea breeze and the hustle and bustle of getting work done! I love people and, as a child, developed a passion for plants in my Nana's gardens. At U.S. Plants, I am blessed to be able to work with both every day. I can't wait to meet you and help bring some green into your home or office! Nana approves!"

Sloan Trumbo

Sloan Trumbo, Lead Designer, Holiday Specialist


  • Prep for Christmas/ Holiday services
  • Floral design and custom designs for corporate & residential accounts

"Hi, I am Sloan, and I have worked with U.S. Plants for over a decade now. I am a mother of two, as well as a full-time farmer. My life stays very busy, but I am passionate about all of my work. My mornings start early, getting all the animals fed and all of the chores done. If you're lucky enough, you'll get to see me chasing around baby lambs all over the property. For eight months out of the year, I prep for our Christmas/ Holiday services. I also specialize in floral design and custom designs for corporate and residential accounts. Thank you for your interest in U.S. Plants Inc., and I hope to hear from you soon!"

Joshua Feltz

Joshua Feltz, Horticulturist


  • Mad Plant Scientist
  • Propagate Plant Breed Specimens
  • Germinating and cultivating Plants in Greenhouse
  • Keeping up to date with Industry Practices
  • Training of New Technicians
  • Design indoor and outdoor plantscapes
  • Develop a nursery program to grow native plants, flowers, and herbs

"Plants are my passion, and it is my pleasure to create and maintain beautiful serene and healthy environments. In addition to indoor and outdoor gardens, I have a special interest in native selections. I bring my Degree in Horticultural and three years of botanical garden experience to assist with best practice design, plant health, and care for your indoor and patio gardens. I feel very fortunate to be a part of the terrific U.S. Plants family!"

Derek Frank

Derek Frank, Installation Coordinator, Scheduling Dispatcher


  • Quality Control
  • Certified Plant Technician
  • Company Vehicle Inspector/ Handyman

"Hello! Nice to meet you! My passion for People and Cars started at a young age. For those who know me, I am a friend that is there in a time of need. I combined my two passions of cars and helping others for eight years as an Emergency Roadside Technician that helped those in need and with vehicle breakdowns. I also hold a CDL Commercial Class license, so I value safe driving! My career with U.S. Plants has been wonderful as I get to create plant-filled green environments. I wear many hats within the company, but my passions still remain the same. Helping others! Hope to meet you soon!"

Byron Cardona

Byron Cardona, Plant Technician


  • Growing and germinating spicy peppers
  • Plant Technician

"I am a plant technician for U.S. Plants Inc. I specialize in growing and germinating spicy peppers from my home country in Guatemala. I am a loving husband and father and a follower of Christ. If you see me, you'll see a smile! Have a blessed day!"

Mike Mckinney

Mike Mckinney, D.C. Government Facilitations Technician

Mike has been a valued employee at U.S. Plants Inc. for five years, with fifteen years of experience in the industry. Mike is U.S. Plants Inc.'s D.C. Government Facilitations Technician. Mike is known for being extremely approachable with professional and up to date knowledge of plant maintenance, procedures, and horticultural practices.

Sean Fitzpatrick

Sean Fitzpatrick - Irrigation Specialist

Specialized Irrigation Technician for U.S. Plants Inc., Sean has five years of experience building custom Koi ponds and Exterior waterscapes. Sean has now jumped on the U.S. Plants Green Dream Team and specializes in irrigation systems for Horticultural plant walls!

Michele Leonard

Michele Leonard - Lead Moss Wall Designer

With 20 years of experience in Interior and Exterior Design, Michele is now Lead Moss Wall designer for U.S. Plants Inc. With Michele, you will find wonders of passion and talent in her work. Michele provides hand-drawn templates and delivers jaw-dropping award-winning Moss Wall Designs.

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