Moss Walls

A rolling stone gathers no moss…but we do, then make art from it!

Over the past decade, Moss Walls have gained popularity as a way of incorporating nature into our home or office. Live moss can flourish in very low light with adequate moisture. Our favorite benefit to using moss is you can touch it! There are many species of moss, most of which are soft and fluffy and love to be petted.

Live Moss

Live moss walls can be installed indoors or outdoors, but will require some care to maintain proper moisture levels. After all, it is still alive! We use pre-built frames, custom hand-crafted wood, or apply directly to the existing walls. The design options truly are limitless.

Preserved Moss

Preserved moss was once alive, but after an incredibly complex and very scientific procedure (remove water) the moss can stay green and fluffy for many years, with ZERO maintenance. This option is rapidly gaining popularity, and allows for a more artistic approach to design.

Moss Wall

Artificial Foliage

Many of our projects are very intricate, and we often use nylon or silk plants to help accent the moss, add more texture, and create a wild natural look.