Exterior Services

We are not landscapers, we are horticulturalists that create lush, thriving exterior environments. For over 30 years we have provided these services to Residential, Commercial, and Government properties.


In our ever-growing urban environment, Greenspaces have never been more important. Balance between nature and the urban world is crucial. We choose the highest quality exterior plants that will not only thrive in the environment, but stand out, creating that balance between concrete and Mother Nature.

Vertical Gardens / Living Privacy Fences

As more and more buildings are built, space is at a premium. Vertical gardens and privacy fences are a great way to bring Mother Nature to you, even in a cramped urban setting.

Patio Design

Variety truly is the spice of life, and it looks really good in a garden as well. Whether you want to impress friends with vibrant spring colors or keep guests sheltered from biting winter winds, we can make it happen. Our trained horticulturalists and technicians ensure your patio stays beautiful and inviting all year round.


1. Native Plants

2. Seasonal Rotations

3. Vertical Gardens / Living Privacy Fences

4. Exterior Maintenance

5. Landscape Design / Installation


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